Want to Break the Fear of Cold Calling? Try These 3 Things

Want to Break the Fear of Cold Calling? Try These 3 Things

Don’t let fear impede your sales performance. Check out these three fundamentals to breaking free of fear when prospecting.

Fear can immobilize salespeople, especially the first step of the sales process. Cold calling, prospecting, lead generation – whatever you call it, can be an intimidating exercise. Here are the essentials for turning it around.

Here are three essentials to breaking the fear of cold calling.

1. Good Scripts

Actors use scripts. Screenwriters write the scripts. A good movie starts with a good script. Bad script = bad movie. Football players use scripts (X’s and O’s). Call the wrong play and they get stopped. Call a good play and the team moves the ball… or scores. If actors and athletes use scripts, then why shouldn’t salespeople? Good scripts build the foundation of breaking the fear of cold calling.

Instead of selling to the gatekeeper or using manipulative techniques to get past them, use a statement of purpose to establish credibility immediately. You might say:

“I’m calling to talk with <prospect> about our research on ______________.”

2. Responses for Objections/Stalls

Objections such as “not interested, we don’t have a need, we don’t take solicitations” all need responses. Write out all of the objections you get when cold calling. Prioritize them based on frequency. Start at the top and write down your responses. Solicit help from other salespeople who have overcome those objections.

For example, when calling a company within one of your target industries and the gatekeeper says, “We’re not interested.” You can simply respond with a smile and say:

“I’m sure. None of our 17 <industry> clients just like you were interested either when we first contacted them. But they did agree to talk with us when we called. Every one of them became a client – when they were ready. May I get connected with <prospect> so I can share our case studies and testimonials? ”

3. Practice

Actor rehearse their scripts for months before filming. Athletes practice their plays during the off-season, pre-season and most days during the week leading up to the big game. Practice so much that cold calling is literally effortless regardless of what the gatekeeper says.

Practice with your sales manager, peers, during sales meetings, in your one-on-one sessions, or on the way to a sales call. Practice every week (every day if you can) to improve your skills.

There is no secret sauce to this process. All it takes are good scripts and endless practice. These are the key ingredients to success. Just ask Tom Hanks or Cam Newton.

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